How to Live a Healthy Life Without a Functioning Gallbladder


It is difficult for someone who has lost their gallbladder to live the same way and eat the same foods as they did before. I know this from experience because my mother got hers removed in 2002 and still has problems digesting certain foods even now. People take for granted having a functioning gallbladder in their body. Not many know what the gallbladder actually does for them on a regular day-to-day basis. The gallbladder is a green pear-shaped sack that sits on the underside of the liver. You could say that the gallbladder and the liver work hand in hand. It is the liver’s job to create and produce bile. Whenever it produces too much bile, the excess amount is sent to the gallbladder who hangs on to it for several reasons.

The first reason is that if the excess bile is not stored and leaks, it can actually harm many parts of your intestine. Secondly, the excess bile can later be used for other processes in the body like the digestion of greasy foods and other fats. That is why it must be stored and not

General Health Tips


A lot of people are yet to realize that man’s greatest assets is his health. Without good health, there would be no need for amassing all the splendid material stuffs, because you cannot enjoy anything not even cooking when you are sick. So this teaching should be passed on to the younger kids after us, sharing with them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle so that when they grow up they will have no difficulty in expressing their knowledge in actions.

As loving parents, there are fundamental, key things we must teach our children as they grow up. It is not enough to let them have everything they need, also allow them to eat all the unhealthy foods the world has to offer. Some of the things you must learn as a parent is to help your child in all aspects of life even in what to eat. Some parents believe that their children can eat whatever they need at their early stage of life so long it makes them happy, they also assume that as the child reaches an older point he will learn to

Six Easy Strategies to Live a Healthy Life With Diabetes


Diabetes is a disease that affects your pancreas and it only allows your pancreas to produce a certain amount of insulin compared to a person without diabetes. Insulin is the hormone that allows sugar to enter your blood stream and then allows the cells to change it into energy for the rest of your body. You can avoid the life threatening affects by following a healthy diet plan and a daily exercise plan.

Everyone wants to live a life without diabetes but there are many people that didn’t have a choice. There are various diabetes treatments available but it depends on what type you are before they can figure out which one is right for you. You need to have several things available before you can control diabetes completely. One of elements is a physician that understands diabetes treatments and how everything works with this chronic disease.

Having a resourceful health group that understands diabetes completely will be great help when you need some extra information about something or even if something may happen to you. They have to passionate about learning new information about all

Five Best Heart Healthy Tips

Are you interested in living a long and healthy life? Of course you are. All of us want to live long and be healthy. Perhaps the best place to start when considering health and longevity, is to start with the very best heart healthy tips. After all, if we keep our hearts healthy and sound, it stands to reason that we have a much better chance of living long and healthy.

In this article, you are going to discover some of my personal recommendations for keeping you and your heart healthy and strong. As with any successful program, we must start with a strong foundation first. The foundation that all other health goals and habits start with, is good and proper nutrition. Based on this statement, read on and you will discover some simple and very effective heart healthy tips.

Heart Healthy Tip:

  1. All good health is built upon great nutrition.

What you eat may very well be THE most important thing you can do for your health. Those who have read my writings before know that I am a proponent of low-carb and high-protein. We humans have adapted to the low-carb and

How To Live a Healthy Life

You can be Healthy at any age.

You will learn 4 success tips to creating the healthy life
you desire. You are not here to just survive life, but to make
a difference in your life in the lives of others. YOU deserve to be healthy.

I know some would disagree with that last statement, but
everyone does deserve to be healthy in every area of their life. We may
hits some bumps along the way or we may get a few bruises, but overall
you do deserve the best life possible. A Healthy Life.

Step 1 on your journey to a healthy life: Remember that your
emotional health, the real you on the inside, is probably more important
than the way others see you. You know, people cannot read your heart,
but you know your heart. When you speak to yourself inside your head–
How much is negative? and how much talk is positive?
Three of the greatest words to tell yourself each day is “I LOVE YOU!

Step 2: A healthy life begins on the inside. Now that you have
the first step down, then continue on to the next step. Rid

How to Live a Healthy Life With Diabetes If You Eat Right

You can live a healthy life with diabetes if you eat right. If you have diabetes, it’s important to eat right every day to keep your blood sugar levels low. Many diabetic persons believe that having diabetes means you must avoid sugar and carbohydrates all the time, your diet must be hundred percent protein, and prepared diabetic meals. This is not true. And in this article you will be taught how you are to eat right and live a healthy life with diabetes.

Be sure to eat a wide variety of foods. Fruits, vegetables, meats, and other forms of plant protein such as nuts, grains and cereals should not be left out of your meal. Diabetes has made some persons not to enjoy their meals anymore. This is not good enough. You can replace your calories loaded food with foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins. Eating plenty of high fibre diet can improve your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 30 to 45 grams of fibre is recommended daily.

Expert has always advice that eating the right food and the right amount is the key to living healthy life with diabetes. Be sure to eat

How to Live the Healthy Life

Good health and physical fitness are key when we speak about living the healthy life. There are the sayings such as “living for the moment” or “living life to the fullest”, but these are empty words if we are not active in living the healthy life and seeking out ways to be in good health always.

There are proactive things which we can do such as diet and exercise, and there are preventive things which we can do such as getting enough sleep, avoiding smoking and fatty or fast foods (for the most part). We say “for the most part” because we need to consider each person’s unique level of fitness especially metabolic rate when speak about eating healthy.

Fortunate are those who can eat burgers, fries, shakes and never show an ounce on their hips, waist or other body parts. But the majority of need to avoid such foods as much as possible, and instead opt for healthier foods to consume.

Yet in addition to what we eat, we must also take into consideration physical fitness. Are we actively exercising on a regular basis? At a minimum, we should be walking as much as

How To Live A Healthy Life

As a life insurance specialist it’s often tempting to focus on the morbid nature surrounding assurance products. Such an outlook need not be the case. I have always been an advocate of the practical application of healthy living.

As a life insurance advisor I have noticed a clear correlation between peoples health and the cost of life insurance. Generally speaking the healthier you are the lower your life insurance premiums will be.

In this article I am going to go over my four top tips for living a healthy life. These are not plucked from thin air, they are based on my many years experience of interviewing life insurance applicants.

A Healthy Diet

Diet is fundamental when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. I generally don’t like to use the word ‘diet’ as it conjures up images of calorie counting. Forget about fads, I recommend eating low glycemic index (GI) foods on a permanent basis. Foods with a low GI release energy slowly over a long period of time. This not only keeps you fuller for longer but also keeps your blood sugar levels stable. By eating low GI foods you will feel

4 Pointers on How to Live a Healthy Life

To live a healthy life is the prime goal for a great many. With all the tension and stress in your home, work and school environments, you may be among the many who are wondering how to live a healthy life.

Well, to live a healthy life involves a lot of varied factors. It is not only about physical wellness as this is only one aspect of your multi-faceted life. You are here not only to exist but to make a difference as well. To do this, you have to be healthy and live a healthy life.

Here are four different steps you can do to live a healthy life:

  1. Your Emotional Health is as Important as Your Physical Health

A fundamental question to ask yourself is: How do I express my emotions? There are so many people who keep emotions pent up inside until they cannot anymore hold on to them which in turn results in emotional as well as physical breakdown. The trick here is to express yourself. Don’t be afraid to vent out your anger or any strong emotion as there are positive ways to do so. You can write it

How to Live a Healthy Life

Learning how to live a healthy life is something that everyone should learn how to do. It isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. If you really want to learn how to live a healthy life, it will be incredibly easy.

The hardest part is modifying your diet and learning a few new recipes. I have done this myself. In my late teens I had a lot of health problems, which catapulted me into learning more about how to live a healthy life.

#1 – Keep a Journal

Living a healthy life isn’t just about eating the right foods. Sometimes something that is considered healthy can have adverse effects on your body. This is why it is good to keep a journal and see if any foods that you’re eating may be causing problems in your body.

#2 – Go Bananas!

Fruits are loaded with nutrients that are crucial in living a healthy life. Many are scared about the sugars in fruits, but this is a big myth. The sugars in fruit are not equal to the sugars that you can find in processed foods today.

#3 – Pro-Biotics

How to Live a Healthy Life in Our Modern Society

How to live a healthy life in modern day suburbia or in the heart of the city can at times be challenging. The key lies within yourself and your attitude towards the elements that surround you. Sadly we cannot turn the clock back to a time when foods did not contain additives, colourants and flavourants, or to when humanity did not pollute our rivers with waste, but thankfully we still have the freedom to choose how we live in this modern age.

To ensure that you are not introducing toxins into your system, the only way how to live a healthy life is to ensure that all your fruits and vegetables are organic in origin and free from pesticides and chemicals. Be aware! Read food labels and you’ll see that most products list their ingredients.

Drink plenty of water! If you can get it, choose water that has been through a reverse osmosis process that purifies it and leeches out all toxins. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and stay away from heavily fried and rich foods that contain lots of trans fats. Avoid products that contain a lot of sugar and white flour.


3 Useful Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, learning how to live a healthy life doesn’t require you to sacrifice most things you’re accustomed to. Sure, there are those who like taking their healthy lifestyle to a whole new level, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Everyone has their own way of staying fit in mind and body.

These 3 easy tips will get you started on the right track in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

Tip # 1 on how to live a healthy life: Draw a line between professional and personal.

The office can get a little stressful, especially when your job demands you to be constantly on your feet. It might have escaped your notice that you’re putting in more hours at the office than what is regular for the past three months. Or that you’re taking your work home more than usual.

Separate your professional and personal time. All guidance counselors and psychologists will tell you that all work and no play can be bad for your health.

Tip # 2 on how to live a healthy life: Switch your regular oil to extra virgin olive oil.

A Simple Guide to Lose Weight and Live a Healthy Life

Maintaining your best weight and losing those extra pounds not only make you look good, but of course, it also reduces your risk of some health problems especially those that concerns the heart. High blood pressure and heart problems are among the common causes of death and disability among many people nowadays, and you can actually help stop them by losing extra weight. Risk of other diseases and injury are also lowered when you do exert effort to maintain your right weight, exercise and eat healthy.

Weight loss is indeed one of the many programs that most people are finding hard to follow by themselves. It is often helpful to have your guide to lose weight and stick to it with discipline if you really want to get your aim.

  1. What is your motivation? What is your Goal?

One of the key elements in making your own guide to lose weight is having a clear and attainable goal. Aiming for a supermodel’s body when you are obese can lead you to frustration in the middle of your program. Your ideal weight may not always mean having a body of a skinny supermodel.

Set your

How to Live a Good Life

There are plenty of us who wants to know how to live a good life. The good life is something that we want to achieve. This is not something that can be done overnight. If you want to live the good life, then you must learn to eat the proper meal.

The lifestyles that we have can determine whether we can live the good life or not. If you are paying close attention, then you must know the basic food groups are one of the things that help us live the good life. A good diet is important for good health. When you eat, make sure that you get from all food groups and you avoid foods that must be eaten in moderation. Fruits and vegetables are very important.

Always maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting some exercise. Every one of us has different health determinants so you have to know what works best for you. For example, always find time to jog or walk every day. This is one way to maintain fitness. If you are not used to walking alone, you can find a buddy whom you can go with.

Every person has

How to Live a Greener Life

Don’t Panic. Go organic.

Doomsday believers are a peculiar lot. They latch on to anything to get into their doomsday mode. The most recent thing that has caught their imagination is the pollution and contamination levels we are exposed to. They read signals in dead fish surfacing in rivers with pollution, errant climatic patterns or food related disorders.

To all those terrified souls, it is just one advice. ‘Don’t panic. Go organic.’ Why? How is it going to make things any better? The hardcore doubters will ask. Let’s explore and see how.

Organic farming

Organic living is really going back to the lap of Mother Nature. It reflects in every aspect of life including food, wear and lifestyle. Organic farming is the first step. In this type of farming, the whole processes of growth and development happens naturally. No genetic engineering and hybrid culture is allowed. The natural process of pollination results in flowering and fruition the natural way.

Only organic manure is used as fertilizer. No chemical pesticide is used on the organic farms. Also, crop rotation is encouraged to sustain the fertility of the soil. The quality of the soil on

Living a Healthy Life Adds Years

If you aren’t living a healthy life; i.e. you smoke, have high blood pressure, high blood sugar and are overweight you might just be shortening how long you live by an average of 4 years. The numbers are sobering… men cut their lives by as much as 4.9 years, while women take 4.1 years from their lifespan.

There’s even greater variability in the effect of these factors on life expectancy across the U.S. based on where you live, how much money you make or what race you belong to.

Interestingly, these four risk factors are ultimately under our control. While your genetics and age are things you can’t do anything about, whether you smoke and how you manage your weight are under your direct control. What’s more, blood pressure and blood sugar can be controlled by lifestyle choices you make, only if they’re at abnormally high levels is medication needed.

According to the research, these risk factors account for a large part of the difference in life expectancy. One example, Southern rural blacks saw life expectancy fall by 6.7 years among men and 5.7 years among women. Asians saw the smallest reduction in life expectancy,

How to Live a Healthy Life

You can exercise as much as you want, but without a proper diet you will be wasting your time. To live the healthiest possible life you will need to have both an exercise routine and a healthy diet.

Unfortunately, most people don’t take their diet into account. It is just so easy, in today’s world, to eat fast food or pop in a candy bar. We live in a fast pace world and taking time for proper nutrition is an after thought.

So, what is the best way to fix the problem? Well we know people won’t do the right thing and slow down their lives and think about the important things, such as nutrition. So maybe there is a way to allow people to get the proper nutrition their body needs while being on the go.

There are several ways to accomplish this. Fruit, is one of the main foods your body craves on a daily basis. I say your body, not you, just because you may not crave fruit doesn’t mean your body doesn’t.

Why fruit? Fruit offers your body antioxidants. Antioxidants are basically the all powerful anti-aging devious. Yes, that’s right

How to Live a Healthy Life With Proper Nutrition Fitness

Do you feel hungry all the time? Do you have tendencies of overeating? Are you overweight? These are some of the questions that you need to answer to know if you are eating a proper diet. The questions mentioned earlier may indicate some signs of malnutrition. Being hungry especially when it leads to overeating may not mean that you are craving for food. This is a sign that your body is craving for some essential food nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, and others.

The negative side is that if you are lacking in some nutrients and you go on a diet by reducing your food intake, you may end up with more deficiencies which make your body to crave for more food. This is the main reason why most people find it difficult not to over eat. For you to avoid these hunger tendencies, you need to eat high quality foods. This way you can keep yourself from craving more food.

Basically, optimum nutrition fitness involves two vital factors which need to be considered. These are nutrition and regular exercise. Proper nutrition and fitness are two things that need to go together in order to achieve

How To Live A Healthy Life

Have you got any idea how much unhealthy food you are digesting every day? There is so many the general public doesn’t know about when talking about food. You would think that vegetables are healthy and off course they are… But only to a certain extent.

Why you may ask. This is because of all the chemicals that are used to grow them, kill the weeds, kill the insects, etc. But in the day we live in today, this doesn’t have to be. You can easily buy organic food at nearly every supermarket.

Just some facts:

Did You Know?

  • You should have three bowel movements every day, not two or three per week!
  • Constipation and other digestive disorders afflict 1 out of every 5 people in America, with the average person carrying up to 15 pounds of impacted waste in their colon!
  • Experts estimate 9 out of 10 people have parasites in their bodies and don’t know it!
  • Playing on a typical floor exposes babies’ lungs to the equivalent of four cigarettes in the form of contaminants from mold, mildew, and dust mites!
  • Most pharmaceutical drugs list constipation as a major side effect!
  • Unnecessary medical procedures and prescription drug

How to Live a Healthy Life Through the Simple Lesson of Stability

Life is not stable, by any means – there are certain parts that we know will go wrong and there are other things that come out of left field – it is essential to be prepared for both in order that neither rock our world so much as to knock us off our axis.

And although life is inherently unstable there are plenty of things we can do that will enable us to maintain a sense of stability; by both prevention and avoidance, by making decisions that look honestly at the world, the future and the situation we are about to enter, whether that be marriage, children, work or play.

If we take marriage as an example we can see that many people marry without really thinking through the consequences of their actions; they might marry a man who is ill-tempered or a woman who drinks too much; the world can see that the ill-temper will turn to violence or the drinking will turn into alcoholism, both of which end in instability, both of which rock the world of the individuals involved; yet, if the decision to marry these people had been properly thought out, then